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We develop Business Analytics software
to small and medium seized businesses
Check out our: MoreReporting™

Business Analytics in the cloud

Where performance is measured – performance will increase!

Business Analytics

Get reports and dashboards like any enterprise business on leading cloud applications.

Predictive Analysis

Subscription delivered Predictive Analysis to optimize your profitability.

In the cloud

We are aligned with the future delivering our solutions / services in the cloud.

Real-time businesses

We deliver real-time business applications on any device to small and medium seized enterprises.

Fast and easy

Our customers only need a username and password – we have done the rest.


We use the latest technologies to develop marked leading software and solutions.


“Our many years of experience and background in implementing business analytics solutions and passion for small and medium seized businesses – has driven us to develop an automated, affordable and easy-to-use visualizations and reporting platform for businesses using cloud application.”

What is MoreReporting™ & how does it work

MoreReporting™ is our cloud based Business Analytics platform, delivering automated reports and dashboards on top of your cloud applications in 3 easy steps.

Register your business

First you need to register your business with a few important informations used for future administration and communication.

Select your cloud applications

Then you select the cloud applications used by your business in our integration library – all you need, is your username and password.

Get 50+ automated reports in dashboards

And now you are good to go – getting more than 50 reports out-of-the-box. No complicated installations. No need for expensive consultants.

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