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Track your business better

All the information you need to accurately track and monitor your business are now at your finger tips. Save hours of valuable time with our automated report building templates. Create your own custom dashboards to fit your business. Track financial, sales, marketing and more. Zycamore was built with the small business owner in mind. Never again will you feel like you are in the dark.

Uncover insights across platforms

Visualize everything in one central place. Zycamore’s reports let you easily visualize your businesses data across multiple platforms. Our advanced capabilities to filter let you drill down helping you visualize what maters most in a variety of ways. Your organization is unique and so is the data you need to be successful.

Control access for different types of users

The great thing about our software is that everyone can access the data they need. Each user within your organization can share reports dashboards and much more. Gone are the days of being in the dark when it comes to your business operations.

Features Integrations

Your business moves at the speed of data. Connect to the cloud applications that help you manage your business

Think about all the data your business can track. Now how are you currently analyzing that data? We have simplified that process by letting your connect with the solutions your businesses uses to operate. With Zycamore you can quickly and easily connect with multiple business softwares.

Custom real time dashboards and reports that let you skip the time it takes for data preparation

Every number coming in and out of your business is important. We have designed a centralized place where in real time you can get the best picture of the health of your business. Our simple solution does not require that you hire an IT team or Data Scientist.

Out of the box reports

Get more than 50+ standard reports out of the box. If this is not enough – you can always build your own reports with the predefined dimension template report builder.

Cross application reports and dashboards

Real value comes when you compare data from multiple applications gaining full insight into your business on a single dashboard.

No IT or Business Analyst needed

Simply signup and select your cloud application from the list and you are good to go! In less than 60 seconds, you will have reports based on your own company data only using your username and password.

Share your reports in our live feed

Communicate with colleagues and keep track of report discussions with our live feed.

Affordable pricing

Most BI solutions are very expensive and have complicated license structures. Zycamore is different with our minimum monthly cost of $50 and only $10 per additional user.

Professional visualization

Get real-time insight into your business with professional looking reports and dashboards directly from your companies data in the cloud.

"“With the implementation of Zycamore, we have gained a real-time insight into our daily business with professional reports and dashboards giving a fast and easy to use visualization of our ”"

− Jan Olsen

"“Thanks to Zycamore we now have automated and updated reports 24/7 spending less time on administration and focusing more on customer service and building our business.”"

− John Madsen

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